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  • Anna, a single woman and bookkeeper for a New York firm, can't believe that she's won the bid on a house in a small town in Massachusetts -- a house that was vacant for a time after being abandoned by previous owners. When Anna arrives she finds that the house seems to be haunted. She soon makes discoveries about her house and her neighbors that are more than unsettling...


  • Completed. Submitted to festivals.


    Winner! Feature-Length - Other Catagory
     - Synerfest Film Festival, Columbus, OH (Oct 16th 2010)

Comments from Viewers:

    "I thought that the show last night was fantastic. Everyone acting did a superb job and the script and directing were excellent too. Tip of my hat the the entire crew and actors! Nicely done!"
    Christopher Kyprianos
    "Sal, great movie. Everyone involved should be proud of it!"
    Ken Purdie
    "Already saw it....the actors and director did a great job...but the writing was the best.."
    Pam Brown
    "I give this movie an 8 out of 10! I really enjoyed this movie."
    Gruesome Hertzogg
    Film Reviewer

Christina Rondano

Sal Lizard

Lynn Lowry

Nicole Kruex


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